Michaels Challenge

Michaels Challenge Michaels Store Edmonton

It’s the time if the year again when Winter meets Summer and everything in between- “oh, why hello sunshine, rain, snow- repeat.” Michaels Challenge As the unpredictably Alberta weather can get you crazy, sometimes, it’s hard to pick which outfit to flaunt outside, ‘cos… Really, in a single day, you can experience all four seasons in …

It Must Be Spring

It Must Be Spring Yeg Style Blogger

As what Robin William said: Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!” and I have a feeling this is happening in no time. I mean, it is evident to me that lately, the weather is really getting better as I have noticed longer daytime, warmer temperatures ahead and yeah… muddy ground due to melting …

So Long Winter

So Long Winter Yet Winter

Sunny days are starting to reign over and I can absolutely sense brighter days ahead, which means one thing, winter is making its exit. Aren’t you glad, Edmonton? I’ll be real with you- I AM! So Long Winter I’ve got a lot of reasons to hate winter. One of it was the slip and fall …