Febreze One #NoHeavyPerfume

Febreze One #NoHeavyPerfume Edmonton Pinoy Blogger

So, a few days ago, I received a package from Febreze as I was chosen to partner with them and join their latest Febreze ONE campaign. Hashtags used for this campaign are: #febreze #febrezeone #noheavyperfume #sponsored Febreze One #NoHeavyPerfume As I “unboxed” the package, I was so thrilled to finally reveal what’s inside the box: …

Edmonton Long Weekend

Edmonton Long Weekend YEG

Long weekend merriment was brought to us by the Mini Carnival at Millwoods Town Centre and  South Common farmer’s Market. Along with the “fambam”; we enjoyed some rides, fun games, and more at the mini carnival- just in time for the holiday. Of course, we enjoyed some Elephant Ears (I always look forward to that …