Ice Castles Now Open

Canadians have more reasons to come out of the cold as Ice Castles is back and is finally open to public- Ice Castles  Now Open.

Official Site:

Location: Hawrelak Park, 9330 Groat Road, Edmonton AB T5J 2R7

Alberta Schedule and Rate: Direct Link (click here)

Parking: Free (click here for the map)

Ice Castles Now Open YEG

Just when I thought, this winter would be another couch potato moments for me and some snoozing, hoping for winter to go by faster- I was wrong! In fact, I was so ecstatic upon hearing that the magical and awe-inspiring Ice Castles is back in Alberta this winter of 2020. And, I know, right from there, Ice Castles is the game changer to my (suspected, unconfirmed) Seasonal Affective Disorder or if that is too serious to say, it is this sad feeling I feel each time Winter comes. 

Ice Castles Now Open Edmonton

If you have not heard about Ice Castles before, Ice Castles is an award-winning frozen attraction made of hundreds of thousands of icicles built by professional ice artists. Part of the attraction you can expect at Ice Castles are the astonishing sculptures illuminated in LED, ice tunnels, slides, fountains, and a lot more. Located in 6 cities across North America, Edmonton in Alberta is one of their locations. Source:

On Friday, 01/03/20, Ice Castles in Alberta has officially opened to public and on its first day, I know, a lot Albertans from all walks of life would flock to this amazing winter attraction- I was there, too on the first day of opening and the moment was best shared along with my family and friends. It was a whole lot of fun and a night so magical for the books.

As soon as we got in, we enjoyed going through iced tunnels and at the same time, excited to discover what surprise awaits along the way. And, guess what I’ve realized, you are never too old for slides. Yes, they’ve got ice-made slides and you can go from easy round to “waaaaaahhhhhhhh” round. Of course, I went through all of them and if you are curious about the “waaaaaahhhhhhhh” round? I won’t go into details about it- I’ll let you experience it yourself.

A lot more has been experienced during my visit to Ice Castles, but what ultimately mesmerized me are the structures lit in LED, flashing in multi-colour and it’s like, alluring me to take a minute or two of my time stop by and enjoy every masterpiece Ice Castles could ever offer, and at that moment,  I knew I was happy and thankful at the same time that Ice Castles returned to Edmonton.

Hello Friends, grab your tickets now to Ice Castles and experience for yourself the best of winter 2020. Go, scroll up for some details on how to get your tix, find schedule that works for you, location, etc. Or, simply visit Ice Castles’ official site:

Photo courtesy of Nick Solano

Lastly, let me take the opportunity to express gratitude to Ice Castles for the truly enchanting-unforgettable experience I had along with my family and friends- ’til next.



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