Experience Glow Edmonton 2019

Experience Glow Edmonton 2019 Glow Edmonton

Glow Edmonton has finally making its debut for 2019-2020: Experience Glow Edmonton 2019.

Now on their second year here in Edmonton, Glow is yet again to paint more colours to your holiday season and make it as meaningful as ever.

Experience Glow Edmonton 2019 Glow Edmonton

Set on their new location, more and more Edmontonians and guests can now have easy access to Glow Edmonton as they are now located at the Edmonton Expo Centre (click for direction)where in public transportation is accessible to majority (if not for all).

Glow Edmonton is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends and discover a whole new theme with mesmerizing hundreds of thousands of lights and a lot of fun and interactive stuff and structures that are illuminating. These can all be experienced in Glow while enjoying the moment with your loved ones- just in time for the holiday season.

Experience Glow Edmonton 2019 Glow Edmonton

Experience Glow Edmonton 2019

On November 28, 2019, I was invited to Glow Edmonton to experience firsthand their wonderful creation during their grand opening/ media day.

Along with my family, we enjoyed the Glow VIP experience starting off with some cocktails at the VIP lounge where lovely Glow Cups are being provided to us as well.

Experience Glow Edmonton 2019 Glow Edmonton

After a good munching at the VIP lounge, the fun and adventure started. Of course, to maximize our time, we allotted an hour or two for photos and videos, taking advantage while there are not much people getting into the place for the same reason- I know for a fact that Glow Edmonton will be studded with people, both youngsters and young-at-heart, so…

After taking photos and videos, we then enjoyed the whole place. I love running in-and-out of the “dancing” hanging multi-coloured lights- haha, it feels great to be a kid again. And oh, I like running through the tunnels, too. They’re all made of lights. One tunnel on the right side is illuminated in white while the one on the other side is gold.

After we enjoyed the tunnels, we, then started to roam around and visited their hillarious version of “tourist attractions around the world”- of course, they’re glowing and I thought it was fascinating. And, while touring around, hopping from one country to the another, the standout for me was, tadaaaaa… China- and if you wanna know why, I really want you to experience it for yourself.

Aside from the illuminated structures, a lot of their setup were interactive, too wherein kids could truly enjoy, not to mention, the playground on one corner for your kiddos to get interactive with other kiddos and share space to play with as well.

If you feel a little exhausted roaming around, no worries, take 5 and grab some food from the vendors inside Glow Edmonton. Grab a seat on the benches and tables provided in front and have some sip of your drinks from the bar while witnessing onstage live performances.

After we did all the touring, we also checked out merchandize from Glow and so as from other local vendors. TIP: Make sure to bring in extra money with you, because they have a lot of interesting items to be sold.

Glow Edmonton 2019 Experience Glow Edmonton

After which, we took a family photo with no other than… Santa! And, you don’t have to worry about who’s taking the picture for you and your family, because Santa’s jolly helpers, the Elves will do the “clicking” for you.

All the activities I have mentioned above were done “ON REPEAT” ’til we dropped. And mind you, when you get to visit Glow Edmonton, you can follow your own sequence – – – ’til you drop!

I just thought that Glow Edmonton’s theme for this year was very interesting with great execution. It’s something everyone should not miss this holiday season. This place is definitely for family and friends to experience and share great memories together.

To find out more about Glow Edmonton, please click on the link: https://httpslink.com/7i21

Also, follow Glow Edmonton’s instagram page for more amazing photos: https://www.instagram.com/glow_edmonton/ or search them through hashtag: #glowedmonton

Hope to see you there on our next visit. Happy holidays!



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