8 Reasons Why You Should Visit ELF

8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton

What’s more awe-inspiring way to celebrate the holiday season than celebrating it with your favourite persons in the whole wide world to a place that allows everyone to create a unique-unforgettable experience to treasure forever – 8 Reasons Why You Should Visit ELF.

The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert has magically transformed its place where adults can once again, experience being a kid and kids can freely roam under thousands upon thousands of lights.

The Enjoy Light Festival has recently open its doors to Albertans and guests with a lot of activities and amusements await- for everyone. 

8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton

Location: 101 Riel Dr, St. Albert, AB, T8N 3X4

Schedule/ Hours: November 21st – January 5th |4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily

Purchase Ticket: (Link Here)

8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF Enjoy Light festival
A date with family and friends. Photo by Janice

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit ELF

8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton

As I got invited to experience firsthand the magnificent Enjoy Light Festival during their grand opening/ media day on November 21st 2019, I had the best time in the world along with my family and friends, and below are “8 Reasons Why You Should Visit ELF”: 

  1. Versatility. The Enjoy Light Festival is family-oriented and is made open to public for all ages. Kids and kids-at-heart will certainly enjoy.
  2. All-out fun.  You don’t have to miss half of the fun just because the cold bothers you- the Enjoy Light Festival is set-up indoors so you could feel the warmth while taking a stroll under colourful lights.
  3. Themes and activities. There are tons of ways that you can enjoy the Enjoy Light Festival as the whole place is built with different themes of illuminated structures and interactive setups- there are a lot of activities for you- I would say, get to the Enjoy Centre early so you can maximize the place.
  4. Parking. Oh,  need I say more? It’s free!
  5. Vendors. Bring extra money with you and support local. The Enjoy Light Festival features local vendors and businesses for them to showcase their products and/or services. Let’s patronize local.
  6. Merch. Oh my gee, their merchandize are really cute- you should get one for yourself, one for your kiddo, one for your friend, one for your special someone- haha, that’s 4 already, but they’re irresistibly cute. 
  7. Everything “instagrammable”. So, make sure you do the purging on your camera or your phone and make sure to have enough memory space in your gadget right before heading to ELF, ‘cos every corner is instagram-worthy and you cannot not take photos- it’s a must – it’s not a drill.
  8. It’s magical. And, you along with your loved ones deserve to experience such magical place called, the Enjoy Light Festival.
8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton

8 Reasons Why You Should Visit ELF

8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton
My little family 🙂
8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton
ELF Merch

I am thankful for the Enjoy Light Festival for allowing me and my loved ones experience the light festival as something magnificent like this does not occur on a daily basis- the Enjoy Light Festival culminates January 5th of 2020 and while you still have the luxury to spend time with your best-loved this holiday season, might as well grab the opportunity to spend it with them- the magical way. 

8 Reasons Why you Should Visit ELF #ELFedmonton

Hey Fam! Have you been to the Enjoy Light Festival already? Tell me all your experience on the comment section down below.

Edit: Please check out my youtube video and witness how we enjoyed #ELFedmonton:



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