Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 YEG Filipino Blogger

Edmonton celebrated, once again, one of the most remarkable festivals a lot of locals and visitors are looking forward to each year- the festival to have known to unite Edmontonians through differences in culture- the “Edmonton Heritage Festival”.

The said fest took place in Hawrelak Park, Edmonton Alberta last August 3 to 5. (See location here)

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 YEG

While others are spending the long weekend on out of town trips, several Edmontonians decided to come out to celebrate Heritage Day (a civic holiday in Alberta that is observed every first Monday of  August of every year) at the park with family and friends to experience this year’s Edmonton Heritage Festival.

Since I came here in Edmonton, I always look forward to this festival and see to it to never miss this merriment every year for a couple of reasons, and one of the few is my chance to taste, once again, my favourite food to eat at the fest as well as new edibles to try on. And, YES, Romania’s Elephant Ear and Guatemala’s ripe mango on a stick are on top of the list.

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 Edmonton Filipino Blogger
Guatemala’s ripe mango

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019

This year, I also look forward  to the  performances and demonstration from different countries as well as learn a little bit of their traditions. Some of my favourite performances to name a few are Korea, Thailand, Russia, China, and the demonstration from Japan. I was entertained.

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 Pinoy Blogger Edmonton

If you have not been to Edmonton Heritage Festival ever and is planning to join next year, unless there will be changes to the setup and how they run the festival from this year and the previous, below are some tips and items that will help you maximize your time and enjoy the celebration:

  • Transportation. If you have problems with transportation or worried of not being able to find a good parking spot, there are designated pickup and drop-off points for ETS (Edmonton Transit System) buses. In my case, I drove to the pickup and drop-off location and parked my car as there was parking available for free. Note that the parking could easily get full as there are a lot of people going to the festival.
  • Fare. Back-and-Forth fare costs $6.00 for adults or two adult ETS tickets (my 9-year old kid was free) and ETS will provide you a transfer ticket if you need to transfer to another bus from the drop-off point.
  • Food Ticket. Most of the Pavilions would require tickets instead of cash when you purchase food items. At the entrance of the park, there are ticket booths where you can purchase them. There are also ticket booths around the park. Cost per ticket is $1.00. They also accept credit/debit card.
  • ATM. There are Automated teller Machines around the park.
  • Take advantage of the freebies. There are booths for businesses around the park and some of them are giving freebies.
  • Always get updated with the weather condition, or better yet, bring with you gears that will protect you as the weather is unpredictable- it could get too hot, and then next thing you know, it showers. So, bring with you light jackets or cardigans, a cap, an umbrella, a poncho, etc.
  • It’s summer and mosquitos are everywhere. Don’t forget your insect repellent.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Portable toilets can also be found around the area.
  • See performances from different countries and pay a visit to their booths. Bring extra cash for merchandise on sale.
  • Aside from the food of your country, also try out food from different booths. 
  • Do not leave your mess behind. Trash bins are available everywhere. Do your part.
  • Take snaps and videos and enjoy every bit of the Heritage Fest.
Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 Edmonton Filipino Blogger

The recently concluded Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 was a success and the family enjoyed every moment of it. Though, the weather was not at its best behaviour, it was way better compared to last year.

Edmonton Heritage Festival 2019 YEG Filipino Blogger

I am looking forward for Edmonton Heritage festival 2020 and hope to see you there!


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