Now That I Am Back

Now That I Am Back Pinoy YEG Blogger

I know, I put this blog on hiatus and I apologize that I had to temporarily disengage on this page, it’s just that, a lot of things changed lately and there is no other way but to go through all the changes. Don’t get me wrong, for most of it, they’re all good stuff, like added responsibilities in my career, but I never thought all the good stuff can be (slightly) overwhelming, too- I got caught off-guard. Now that I am back… (read through)

Now That I Am Back Banff Travel

Anyhow, all good stuff will always be good stuff and I couldn’t be thankful enough for the opportunities I received these past few.

One of it is the opportunity to give you a quick update on my blog while on travelling mode enjoying what countryside has to offer while plugging my earphone for my personal fave music.

Songs from Maroon 5, Lady Antebellum, Avicii, The Script, Zedd to name a few are what’s on my playlist while composing this entry and right at this moment, there’s nothing more I could ask for- I have been longing for this specific thing to happen- composing a blog while travelling while listening to music all at once. 

Now That I Am Back Edmonton Pinoy Blogger

Now That I Am Back

Like I’ve said, this is just a quick update to tell you  what to expect on my nexts posts.

Now that I am back, for sure, I will be giving you some of my recent travels along with my sister who came all the way from the Philippines to experience a bit of Canada as well as the events I was able to join this summer of 2019 in Edmonton.

Now That I Am Back Banff Travel 2019

Also, I needed to do this to make sure I’ll be able to open this blog as this is up for renewal and not forget about it. And gosh, where did the time go? It went too fast- I just turned 1 year, lol! Happy first anniversary to my blog!


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