Glow Edmonton

Glow Edmonton YEG

If there’s one thing we should never lose in life, that is the glow in us that give light to others. Glow Edmonton #jephalmighty


Mentioning about “GLOW”, on Black Friday night, while shoppers flocked to malls and hoard the best Black Friday deals they could ever get, we sneaked out of chaos and found our greatest escape- GLOW [EDMONTON].

Glow Edmonton

The best experience we had with Glow only started as a simple thought as our friend, Janice heard so much “bright” things about Glow during their Vancouver leg. Then, the next thing we know, the whole gang was already there enjoying everything Glow Edmonton has to offer. The funny part is, as I was browsing their instagram page: @glow_edmonton, it was then that I realized, we went there a day after they officially opened its door to public- never heard of it last year, never heard of GLOW ever. So, it’s something new to all of us and trust me, we were just as thrilled as our kids.Glow Edmonton #YEG

GLOW  is a huge indoor Christmas festival that gives access to Greater Edmonton for a one-of-a kind luminescent experience. The hundreds of thousands of sparkling lights will definitely enchant you and the illuminating gigantic figures are absolutely awe-inspiring. Glow is such a perfect treat for friends, family, and loved ones this most wonderful season of the year- Christmas. Glow Edmonton YEG

Glow Edmonton

If you have not heard about GLOW Edmonton ever and now, this post is triggering your curiosity, read along…

Location: Glow is nowhere found in Edmonton. Technically,  it’s outside the city as it is located in St. Albert. The address is: The Enjoy Centre, 101 Riel Drive, St. Albert, AB, T8N 3X4 (click here for google map)

Glow Edmonton #Localeyeg

Where To Get Tix: To purchase tickets, visit the Glow’s official site:

From there, you will be able to check out ticket rates, schedule and hours of operation, your preferred time slot, promotions, etc.

Glow Edmonton Canada

My Personal Glow Experience:

The moment I passed the entrance door, I was greeted with the illuminated gigantic deer, Christmas tree, and the red Christmas ball. Immediately, I took snaps and thought, every corner of the place is very “Instagrammable” and that’s while listening to the choir with their golden voices- literally music to the ear.

And just when I thought that was the best of Glow, wow, I was astounded with the lighted  tunnel that have passages on the sides, giving you access to a lot more series light sculptures that you could ever expect, and again, everything you see there is instagram-worthy, I swear.

Glow Edmonton Canada
Family (heart, heart)

I have personally witnessed kids having their best moments while roaming around and while enjoying the interactive features available in this huge playground. And, I should say, this experience I had with Glow is worth every penny spent. Yes, value for money is a huge “check”. And, the fact that, you can stay there and enjoy the place until they are close for the night, I was able to maximize my time. With my recent experience with Glow, three hours-and-a-half is enough. Taking photos, videos, roaming around, and enjoying every bit of Glow along with family and friends got everything covered within that 3.5hrs.

Glow Edmonton
Glow Edmonton
Glow Edmonton
Glow Edmonton
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Glow Edmonton
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“Brrrrrrr” season is just around the corner and I believe, not everyone enjoys the cold weather so, Glow is perfect for you, because they made it indoor. It is also the best place for a family to bond, friends to enjoy each other’s company, and lovers to get more romantically attached with each other- not to mention, for kids to let them be kids and for “kids at heart” who never outgrew that feeling. 


Please watch our YouTube video for GLOW 2018

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