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It Must Be Spring

It Must Be Spring Yeg Style Blogger

As what Robin William said: Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!” and I have a feeling this is happening in no time. I mean, it is evident to me that lately, the weather is really getting better as I have noticed longer daytime, warmer temperatures ahead and yeah… muddy ground due to melting …

So Long Winter

So Long Winter Yet Winter

Sunny days are starting to reign over and I can absolutely sense brighter days ahead, which means one thing, winter is making its exit. Aren’t you glad, Edmonton? I’ll be real with you- I AM! So Long Winter I’ve got a lot of reasons to hate winter. One of it was the slip and fall …

Glow Edmonton

Glow Edmonton YEG

If there’s one thing we should never lose in life, that is the glow in us that give light to others.    Mentioning about “GLOW”, on Black Friday night, while shoppers flocked to malls and hoard the best Black Friday deals they could ever get, we sneaked out of chaos and found our greatest escape- …