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Febreze One #NoHeavyPerfume

Febreze One #NoHeavyPerfume Edmonton Pinoy Blogger

So, a few days ago, I received a package from Febreze as I was chosen to partner with them and join their latest Febreze ONE campaign. Hashtags used for this campaign are: #febreze #febrezeone #noheavyperfume #sponsored Febreze One #NoHeavyPerfume As I “unboxed” the package, I was so thrilled to finally reveal what’s inside the box: …

Michaels Challenge

Michaels Challenge Michaels Store Edmonton

It’s the time if the year again when Winter meets Summer and everything in between- “oh, why hello sunshine, rain, snow- repeat.” Michaels Challenge As the unpredictably Alberta weather can get you crazy, sometimes, it’s hard to pick which outfit to flaunt outside, ‘cos… Really, in a single day, you can experience all four seasons in …

My Sinulog 2019

My Sinulog 2019 Cebu

Among all festivals in the Philippines, Sinulog is definitely on top of the list and I’m cock-a-hoop to have experienced the Sinulog vibe after four years years of hankering for it. My Sinulog 2019 Though, we must not forget the true meaning of Sinulog, I also won’t deny, I am all for fun, and I …